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A really good book that covers in a highly digestible way everything that you need to know about stress and how to manage it.  If you listen on Audible, you’ll experience the hypnotic tones of the author; that’s calming in itself!  

Available From Amazon

Endless Energy: Over 50 Ways to Beat Fatigue

Agombar, F.

Whether you are feeling simply lethargic or profoundly fatigued, this book contains easy and effective ways to help you increase your vitality and stamina. Topics covered include unsuspected illness, diet, energy-boosting complementary health techniques and soothing relaxation exercises

Available From Amazon

The Slight Edge

Olson, J.

Some people do find this book a bit repetitious but the central point is well made and that’s that it’s the small things, maintained, that make all the difference.  So it is with health and resilience.  It’s not the one off faddy diet that will bring you lasting results, it’s the accretion of marginal gains.

Available From Amazon

The Clever Guts Diet

Mosley, M.

Is one thing to acknowledge that conditions such as IBS are made much worse or perhaps caused by stress but did you realise that even you think and feel is influenced by the billions of microbes that live in your gut?  Your gut contains more neurons than the brain of a cat and there are more linkages from your gut to your brain than vice versa!  No wonder we talk of a “gut reaction”!  It’s time to pay more respect to what lies within …

Available From Amazon

Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World

Williams, M. & Penman, D.

This one includes a free CD and guided meditations as well.  It’s also great as an audiobook. MINDFULNESS reveals a set of simple yet powerful practices that can be incorporated into daily life to help break the cycle of unhappiness, stress, anxiety and mental exhaustion and promote genuine joie de vivre. It’s the kind of happiness that gets into your bones. It seeps into everything you do and helps you meet the worst that life can throw at you with new courage. The book is based on Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). MBCT revolves around a straightforward form of mindfulness meditation which takes just a few minutes a day for the full benefits to be revealed. MBCT has been clinically proven to be at least as effective as drugs for depression and it is recommended by the UK’s National Institute of Clinical Excellence – in other words, it works. More importantly, it also works for people who are not depressed but who are struggling to keep up with the constant demands of the modern world. MINDFULNESS focuses on promoting joy and peace rather than banishing unhappiness. It’s precisely focused to help ordinary people boost their happiness and confidence levels whilst also reducing anxiety, stress and irritability

Available From Amazon

The Art of Meditation

Ricard, M.

From a really interesting author:  part scientist and part Buddhist monk.  Endless wisdom.

Available From Amazon

Towards a Psychology of Being

Maslow, A.

The 1962 classic.  Still as relevant as ever. There’s a strong argument that we need more “being” and less doing in order to stay resilient.  We are more than our most recent achievements!

Available From Amazon

The Mindful Manifesto …

Halliwell, E. and Heaversedge, J.

We’ve been to one of Ed’s workshops and it was rather good.  This is an interesting team effort with a medical doctor.  Well worth a read.

Available From Amazon

Wherever You Go, There You Are

Kabat-Zin, J.

Want to get into mindfulness?  This is a great start.  From one of the world’s leading experts.  Solid, scientific and essentially human.

Available From Amazon

The Inner Game of Tennis

Gallwey, T.

A 1970s classic – as fresh as ever.  A great description of how we can hold ourselves back and what to do about it.  A good one to read alongside Coaching for Performance by Whitmore.

Available From Amazon

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching Techniques for Dummies

Whitten, H.

An interesting take on CBT and how this powerful technique can be used in the Mind part of the Mind Body Balance equation!

Available From Amazon


Webb, L.

A light read and with some useful resources. Easy to digest; an anecdotal and practical guide with lots of common sense advice from a “happiness guru”. 

Available From Amazon

Thriving on Pressure

Jones, G.

From one of the founding directors of UK consultancy, Lane4, a pithy analysis of how to not only survive stress but also thrive in a pressured environment.  A great read.

Available From Amazon


This site is maintained by two individuals who wear more than one hat – be it consultant, psychologist or psychotherapist – so you should expect to find a wide range of materials that are all about how people learn, perform and grow. Chris and Jackie founded Sixth Sense Consulting Ltd in 2010. We provide assessment, leadership development, team building, career transition, psychotherapy, and wellbeing services to individuals and organisations. Our aim is to share materials and resources we use in our day to day work with others in a digestible and practical format.


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