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Staying Sane in Business:
A practical guide to sanity, success and satisfaction at work

Staying Sane In Business


This book will change how you think and feel about work. Packed with expert advice, invaluable tips and empowering exercises, it will skilfully take you, your colleagues and your entire workforce from harried, hassled and hard-pressed to positive, productive and patient.

In a world where work never seems to end, stress can seem insurmountable and the pressure to perform overwhelming, Staying Sane in Business is a lifeline. It provides a practical and highly effective way to take control, gain clarity, break through the barriers to success and navigate a clear path to satisfaction, fulfilment and happiness at work.

Price: £15.00 (RRP)

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Whatever you conclude as you think about who you are, be flexible in your response to it and bear in mind that all change involves effort and that circumstances dictate desired directions.


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