The power of introverts

Susan Cain’s website, highlighting the value and power of introverts.

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Personality Poker cards

Quick, easy and entertaining tool for reflecting on your own personality, or to use with your team.

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PersonaBubble blog

Great blog site on personality, happiness, careers and the links between all three.

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Profile yourself

A range of psychometric instruments (you’ll need to part with some money), that could help you explore aspects of your style and skills.

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Psychology Today

Link to US site, which has quite a few useful articles and questionnaires on it.

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At the heart of Persona Bubble is our free personality test. This is an officially approved version of a questionnaire used by psychologists (for purposes such as hiring for jobs, career advice, research and counselling).

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The Process Communication Model

The Process Communication Model® (PCM) is an innovative tool which enables you to understand, motivate, and communicate effectively with others. People who use the Process Communication Model benefit from a whole range of practical tools specifically designed for successful everyday management of communication.  This is the work of Dr. Taibi Kahler, who...

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The Power of Introverts

In an organisational world that is dominated by a preference for extroverted styles, it’s good to see a balancing argument!

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iPersonic is a straightforward personality system available in 26 languages and used by millions of people in more than 130 countries.   It’s incredibly simple to do and is a fair starting point for the exploration of who you are.  This way of looking at personality leads to a description...

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The Science of Character

This interesting 8 minute short film documents the science of character and the benefits of building on character strengths.

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Jung’s View of Personality

Good, basic information about the ‘four preferences’ aspect of Jung’s theory on personality. Relates to information below.

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Quiet: The power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking

Author: Susan Cain

Available From Amazon

Personality and Individual Differences

Author: Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic

Available From Amazon

Leadership – All You Need to Know

Author: David Pendleton

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The Big Five Personality Test

A psychometric questionnaire that aims to explore your personality type, based on the model of the Big Five personality traits, openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.

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The EQ Edge, Third Edition: Emotional Intelligence and Your Success

Author: Steven J. Stein

Authors Steven J. Stein and Howard E. Book show you how the dynamic of emotional intelligence works. By understanding EQ, you can build more meaningful relationships, boost your confidence and optimism, and respond to challenges with enthusiasm–all of which are essential ingredients of success. The EQ Edge offers fascinating–and sometimes...

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Prepare for Tests at Interview guides for Graduates and Managers

Author: Robert Williams

If you’re preparing for interviews with a prospective or current employer, it’s now highly likely that you’ll be required to complete a selection test. To achieve your best, it’s essential that you understand what selection tests involve, how you can prepare for them and how they influence a recruiters final...

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Emotional Intelligence: Why it Can Matter More Than IQ

Author: Daniel Goleman

In some ways this was the book that kicked off the whole EI debate: the groundbreaking bestseller that redefined intelligence and success. Does IQ define our destiny? Daniel Goleman argues that our view of human intelligence is far too narrow, and that our emotions play a major role in thought,...

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How to develop a ‘Growth Mindset’ and embrace failure

In this delightful video Carol Dweck explains why it is so important to have a so-called ‘Growth Mindset’ and how to develop one (hint: embracing failure is a good first step).

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The Science Of Personality

A modern take on personality theory from a major publisher.

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The Growth Mindset

Stanford University’s Professor Dr. Carol S. Dweck talks about how phrases like “You are so talented” might shape us more than we think (and not just positively!). Based on her fascinating research into different self-conceptions she explains how our mindsets can govern our lives at home, at school and in our career.

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Freud’s Theory of Personality

A good introduction to why we aren’t all that we seem to be on the surface!

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25 Ways to Develop a Growth Mindset

Read and seen all about Carol Dweck’s ‘Growth mindset’? Here are 25 practical tips to help you develop one.

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How can you change from a fixed mindset into a growth mindset?

The answer is here, in 4 steps.

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Six Steps to Developing a Growth Mindset

A great summary of research on growth and fixed mindsets and advice how to develop a growth mindset.

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The Power of believing that you can improve

Carol Dweck’s short but thought-provoking TED talk, based on extensive scientific research, demonstrating the ability of the brain to improve its performance when we focus on process rather than outcome.

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This site is maintained by two individuals who wear more than one hat – be it consultant, psychologist or psychotherapist – so you should expect to find a wide range of materials that are all about how people learn, perform and grow. Chris and Jackie founded Sixth Sense Consulting Ltd in 2010. We provide assessment, leadership development, team building, career transition, psychotherapy, and wellbeing services to individuals and organisations. Our aim is to share materials and resources we use in our day to day work with others in a digestible and practical format.


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