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Chris is an experienced international consultant He is a business psychologist, coach and practising psychotherapist (TA and integrative humanistic) and he works extensively at board level

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Chris Welford

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Business Psychologist, Executive Coach and Psychotherapist



People are a source of continual fascination to me – their motives, their drive, how they think and how they behave. This has been true for as long as I can remember! Whether we are alone, in a family or team, as a part of a large organisation or as citizens of a state, I wonder what makes us all tick; what lies beneath who we appear to be on the surface and what governs the way we act. Over many years, working in HR, as a management consultant, a business psychologist, coach and registered psychotherapist, I have built up a picture of what seems to matter time and time again: what makes those who are exceptional truly different; how corporate culture excites and motivates us and how it sometimes turns us off and how extraordinary leaders do their jobs. Sometimes it feels to me like I am on a lifelong quest to understand the complexities of human nature. Maybe that in itself is a good thing? My career has taken me all over the world and I have been lucky enough to have worked with hundreds of senior managers as an assessor, coach and team facilitator. I’m trusted by leading organisations to offer insight, advice and support and my clients tell me this is always delivered in a warm, inclusive and engaging way. You can read more of my thoughts in Coaching at Work, HR Magazine, HR Review, Personnel Today, and Edge magazine.

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Articles by Chris

Now with added links for Mind Body Balance!

By Chris Welford on 15th February, 2018 in Blog

We are so pleased that people have found our curated resources helpful!  That was the idea when we published Staying Sane in Business.  Now that we have added Mind Body Balance, we felt it was time to do the same.  So have a look around and see what we have...

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From Strength to Strength

By Chris Welford on 29th September, 2015 in Latest News

Over the last five years we have delivered the best in business psychology to many leading organisations:  that’s cutting edge assessment, in-depth coaching that really addresses patterns of unhelpful, ingrained behaviour and team facilitation that delivers lasting results. It’s now time for something more, so we have joined forces with...

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Former King’s Lynn pupil publishes book on business sanity

By Chris Welford on 3rd April, 2015 in Blog

A former pupil of Lynn’s King Edward VII School has published her first book aimed at anyone working in business, no matter what size the organisation or level of experience. Jackie Sykes (nee Scullard), 41, who lived in North Wootton where she attended the village primary school, now lives in...

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