Staying Sane in Business

Practical, accessible, authoritative, this is a book that does exactly what it says on the cover – it helps the reader to keep their sanity, to succeed at work, and to enjoy the whole process. Written by two professionals in psychology, coaching and psychotherapy, with a long and distinguished background in leadership training, Staying Sane in Business starts from the premise that sanity is simply being happy, fulfilled and productive. The authors know that people in business are always short of time, and sometimes short of patience, so this book goes straight to the heart of the matter, with clear explanations, helpful exercises and invaluable tips at the end of every chapter.

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pagepic_bookThis book has been written for anyone who faces the rough and tumble of work, with all the messy and complex web of relationships that this entails. Whether you are employed or have your own business, it is from your colleagues, clients, stakeholders and suppliers that you draw energy and inspiration, while, at other times, it can be those very same people who make you feel as though you are going insane!

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Mind Body Balance in Business is an excellent book that provides readers with practical ways they can balance their life and minimise the stress in their working day and beyond. It is well written, easy to read and helps individuals cope with the pressures of work, and the interface between work and life more generally.

Professor Sir Cary Cooper, Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester

I enjoyed reading the book and was impressed by the range and depth of ideas and resources that are gathered here. By using the focus on one person (albeit a fictional Martha) and realising what can be done by offering and accepting help it is a useful tool for people in business. Staying sane is a lifetime occupation and this book will aid anyone who reads it to take some steps along the way.

Bishop Tim Thornton, Diocese of Truro

This useful book draws on a wide range of psychological ideas and gets them across in a practical way. The authors provide “top tips” that condense many of the core ideas to provide simple and memorable guidance.

Ivan Robertson, Emeritus Professor of Organisational Psychology at Manchester Business School and Founder Director of Robertson Cooper Ltd

Staying Sane in Business is an attempt by two psychologists/management consultants to provide practical tips on how to manage the pressure of business, relationships at work, and balancing work and life. Their remedies are very practical and easy to understand and should help in the stress-ridden world of work.

Professor Cary L. Cooper, Professor of Organisational Psychology and Health, Lancaster University

I thoroughly recommend this book. Chris and Jackie have a wonderful way of bringing complex concepts into accessible, everyday language. They offer so many practical suggestions to develop happy, fulfilled and productive habits without preaching or lecturing. Definitely a manual for our time!

Mel Colwill, Head of HR-Engagement, Hallmark

This book provides an excellent toolkit with which to navigate the anxieties and pitfalls of contemporary organisational life – and remain sane in the process. It offers eminently practical advice on how to understand why we behave as we do and how we can go about changing our behaviours when they are counter-productive in a work context. Most importantly, it provides very useful and accessible advice as to how we can grow as human beings.

Dr Sheila Keegan, Founder, Campbell Keegan Ltd

Jackie and Chris have cleverly blended their own substantial and highly effective direct experience as coaches with leading research and empirical data to create this thoughtful and exceptionally accessible book and guide. Staying Sane in Business will undoubtedly be valued by a wide range of individuals across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors who want to understand more about their working environments, achieve more personally and for their teams, and understand practically how to go about doing so. It should be read by experienced leaders, those just setting out in the world of work, and everyone interested in how to make their contributions at work as valuable and successful as possible.

Matthew Reed, CEO, The Children’s Society

Focused, useful and a very interesting read. Great insight into what is a complex subject area but accessible and importantly relevant to anyone in business large or small – excellent.

Julia Warren, HR Director, Serco

This is a very easy-to-read and practical book informed both by academic research and consulting assignments. I can imagine all sorts of work-stressed people gaining real insight and good advice from each of the chapters.

Professor Adrian Furnham, Professor of Psychology, University College London

A grounded and ground-breaking book that provides an easy to apply guide to managing all those stressful dramas work brings us. Taking a clearly put together, easy to grasp, practical social psychological perspective, this is the manual for sane work.

Robin Hobbes, Founder Elan Training & Development, former Chair of British TA Association and current European TA Ethical Advisor

An excellent book that is full of useful advice on dealing with the inevitable pressures of coping with others, understanding their own strengths and how to develop them. Particularly useful are the practical suggestions and exercises on techniques to help the reader cope better with their own reactions, thoughts and behaviours when under pressure whether that be with the job itself or dealing with others and working as part of a team.

Professor Peter Saville, Chairman, Saville Consulting UK Ltd


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