Mind Body Balance in Business

In this crisp, accessible book, expert consultants Chris Welford and Jackie Sykes explore the physiology and psycology of stress, and how it affects our bodies and our minds. It focuses on how we can build our resilience by placing more attention and emphasis on our nutrition, exercise, sleep and work-life balance. It demonstrates how easy-to-apply tweaks to our lifestyle, our attitudes and our health can, quite simply, transform our lives and the lives of all those around us.

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Employer? Employee? Manager? Entrepreneur? Sole trader?

There is no-one in business who doesn’t feel stressed from time to time.

Stress can be energising, stress can be debilitating, stress can even kill you.

Whether you work your way through it or dip in and out, you are guaranteed to discover insights, information and encouragement that will help you find the strategies that best suit you and enable you to avoid being damaged by stress – or to bounce back effectively when it simply can’t be avoided.

Don’t stress about it – just read and apply some of the hints and tips in this
book, and have a much, much better life.

Read the first chapter of “Mind Body Balance in Business” here

Mind Body Balance in Business is an excellent book that provides readers with practical ways they can balance their life and minimise the stress in their working day and beyond. It is well written, easy to read and helps individuals cope with the pressures of work, and the interface between work and life more generally. Professor Sir Cary Cooper, Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester


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