Mindfulness Mechanics

Psychologists champion the benefits of mindfulness, as it has been shown to be effective at managing stress, enhancing relationships, and may even help reduce pain. This article seeks to understand better how it works.  

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Mindfulness – where to start (1)

It can be difficult working out how to start with this whole thing that’s called mindfulness.  So we have found a couple of no-nonsense guides for you.  Here’s the first one!

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Mindfulness – where to start (2)

It can be difficult working out how to start with this whole thing that’s called mindfulness.  So we have found a couple of no-nonsense guides for you.  Here’s the second one!

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Meditation and Mindfulness Blog

An accessible and interesting daily blog on all things to do with meditation and mindfulness.

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Introducing Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

A website about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy from Russ Harris; an acclaimed author and clinician in the area of ACT.

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What is Mindfulness?

Good information from a website established by a leader in the field of ACT and mindfulness. Absolutely excellent and very accessible. His materials are tailored to both psychological therapy and coaching.

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Finding the space to lead

Scientific research has shown that mindfulness practices enhance mental health and improve performance in every field of endeavour. And leaders who have undergone mindfulness training report that it provides a “transformative experience” that significantly improves their innovation, self-awareness, listening, and decision-making.  This website has some good, downloadable material and many...

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Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute

Search Inside Yourself was born at Google from one engineer’s dream to change the world. It began in 2007 when veteran engineer Chade-Meng Tan assembled leading experts in mindfulness, neuroscience and emotional intelligence to develop an internal course for his fellow Googlers. It quickly became an incredibly popular training program...

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Six Mindfulness Exercises that Each Take Less than One Minute

Some 1 minute mindfulness exercises to help you in everyday life

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Mindfulness and Wellbeing

A page from the NHS about mindfulness and its uses.

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The Healing Power of Gratitude

This insightful article focusses on gratitude, and why practising it might help us lead a happier life.

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Getting Started with Mindfulness

Anything mindfulness-related can be found on this great website.

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Mindfulness Exercises

This website has a great selection of different mindfulness exercises.

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The Free Mindfulness Project

A website established by a Clinical Psychologist which includes lots of free mindfulness resources

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Mindfulness Meditations (iTunes)

A link to various mindfulness meditation exercises by Dr Melanie Fennell, which can be bought from iTunes. They range from brief 3 minute exercises to much longer exercises. A wide range of exercises is available to complement a range of needs and preferences.

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The Oxford Mindfulness Centre

A website from the Oxford Mindfulness Centre which includes a recommended range books and audio resources.

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This site is maintained by two individuals who wear more than one hat – be it consultant, psychologist or psychotherapist – so you should expect to find a wide range of materials that are all about how people learn, perform and grow. Chris and Jackie founded Sixth Sense Consulting Ltd in 2010. We provide assessment, leadership development, team building, career transition, psychotherapy, and wellbeing services to individuals and organisations. Our aim is to share materials and resources we use in our day to day work with others in a digestible and practical format.


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