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Staying Sane in Business

Staying Sane In Business

Practical, accessible, authoritative, this is a book that does exactly what it says on the cover – it helps the reader to keep their sanity, to succeed at work, and to enjoy the whole process. Written by two professionals in psychology, coaching and psychotherapy, with a long and distinguished background in leadership training, Staying Sane in Business starts from the premise that sanity is simply being happy, fulfilled and productive. The authors know that people in business are always short of time, and sometimes short of patience, so this book goes straight to the heart of the matter, with clear explanations, helpful exercises and invaluable tips at the end of every chapter.

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Whatever you conclude as you think about who you are, be flexible in your response to it and bear in mind that all change involves effort and that circumstances dictate desired directions.


This site is maintained by two individuals who wear more than one hat – be it consultant, psychologist or psychotherapist – so you should expect to find a wide range of materials that are all about how people learn, perform and grow. Chris and Jackie founded Sixth Sense Consulting Ltd in 2010. We provide assessment, leadership development, team building, career transition, psychotherapy, and wellbeing services to individuals and organisations. Our aim is to share materials and resources we use in our day to day work with others in a digestible and practical format.


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